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After long and careful consideration, we are sorry to say we will not be re-opening anytime soon.

The cost of re-stocking, both food and drink, putting in Covid measures recommended by the Government, and there only being two of us are not viable with the potential of lack of custom and the possibility of a ‘second wave’ potentially meaning having to close again and being back to square one.

Using outside spaces are weather dependant, and being in Cumbria cannot be predicted! The use of app services for ordering from your table are iffy as the wi-fi signal is so low. The recommendations are that you do table service, keep kitchen and bar staff to minimal contact and have someone dedicated to toilet patrol and another to cleaning surfaces on a regular basis. As most of you know, there are only two of us. Another recommendation is to prop doors and windows open to provide ventilation and reduce contact with handles. Not only would we end out with a pub full of flies, being surrounded by fields full of sheep, the heating bill would go through the roof.

So for now we are going to watch with interest what happens after 4th July and consider what can happen in the future.

We hope you are all well and keep safe

Al & Ian xx


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