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“Sour Nook Inn – Possibly the most eco-friendly pub in the North West?”

When we bought the Sour Nook, we knew that saving energy wherever possible would be a priority, not only to keep running costs as low as possible, but to be as Eco Friendly as possible.

As all the plaster in the bar and the restaurant had to come off because of major damp problems, we took the opportunity and installed insulated plasterboard. We also insulated the loft and replaced single glazed windows with double glazing.

The initial decision to change the heating system had already been made for us, as the hot water cylinder was “missing” when we purchased the place, with terminal damage caused to the 30 year+ oil fired boiler in the process. As a full revamp of the boiler room, and replacement of the radiators and pipework to the majority of the pub, was required, we decided to install a wood pellet burning boiler, generally seen as a carbon neutral solution, along with the latest technology in heating controls, pipework and radiators. [Note: - we do still have an open fire for that “cosy” feel!]. The wood pellets are supplied by local firms renowned for being leaders in sustainable fuel supplies.

To complement the heating system, as the main roof of the pub is almost in a southerly direction, solar panels have been fitted, capable of generating up to 4kW of electricity, and that teamed up with low energy lighting to the staff / kitchen / store areas and ultra-low energy LED lighting to the public areas goes a long way to keeping our electric consumption in check. Each LED lamp is only 3 watt with the equivalent light output of a standard 40 watt lamp. With a total of 53 installed, that means we’re using 159 watt when they are all on, rather than a potential 2120 watt!

With regards to water usage, all the WC’s throughout the premises are of low flow design, with the urinals being “waterless” (sorry if you are having your tea), again not only saving costs, but also saving another valuable resource.

In addition, all our waste is recycled wherever possible, from waste cardboard being returned to the suppliers, bottles and cans to the local recycling centres and waste cooking oil returned to the suppliers for conversion to bio-diesel!

So, if we are not the most eco-friendly pub in the North West of England, we must be pretty close


We’re Eco